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Fundraising Round Plan - Sustainability Valuation Growth
(9 months)

The Investing Round Plan extends beyond the foundation groundwork to specifically support businesses during their investment rounds. It is designed to leverage sustainability assets to increase business valuation and attract environmentally and socially conscious investors. 

Inclusion of Basic Plan Services

Provision of all services outlined in the Basic Plan, creating a strong sustainability foundation to increase the appeal to potential investors

Due Diligence Advising

Preparation in the process of investor due diligence, ensuring that the company’s sustainability assets and performances are accurately represented and appreciated.

Relevant Investors Identification

Provision of a curated list of relevant investors. Leveraging an extensive network and industry knowledge, the plan identifies investors with aligned interests, increasing the chances of successful investment partnerships. 

Investor Relationship Facilitation

Direct engagement with interested investors and their proxies fostering transparency and trust, enhancing the potential for securing investment.

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