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Basic Plan - Sustainability Asset Development (6 month)

The Basic Plan lays the foundational groundwork for successful and strategic sustainability efforts. The Basic Plan is designed for business initiating the sustainability arm of the organization, or looking to streamline and advance existing sustainability practices. 

Sustainability Data System and Policies Review

A comprehensive review of existing sustainability data systems and policies. This process identifies gaps or areas for improvement in current practices, culminating in a Preliminary Document Review Primer. This report provides insights into the present sustainability performance and offers policy suggestions for enhancing the sustainability portfolio.  

Digital Presence Review & Suggestions

Review of digital presence, including the website, social media profiles, and other online platforms, to ensure that sustainability efforts are accurately and effectively communicated. Sustainability communications strategy is developed to support marketing efforts.

Regular Meetings for Alignment & Feedback

Regular meetings are held to align on mission objectives, present progress, and request feedback. The meetings are informed by a monthly project update, creating an iterative process wherein strategies remain tailored to the needs of the business. 

Digital Governance Proposal

Establish rules, processes, organization, and infrastructure to govern sustainability data, and advice how they can be leveraged to create value for the business.

ESG Reporting and Compliance Evaluation

ESG reporting needs are mapped out to meet compliance requirements and align with investor and industry standards. The current reporting capabilities are assessed, and a comprehensive roadmap is established such that the business can drive conversation on reporting and compliance.

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