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Add-on Modules (1-3 Months Each)


Sustainability Integration with Sales/Business Development Module

Designs strategy and conducts meetings with sales and business development departments, tuning the messaging to leverage sustainability assets and communications to drive sales.

Sustainability Content Creation Module

Creation of engaging sustainability content for various platforms, including social media, public relations initiatives, blog posts, or website content. Strategically and accurately positions the business and its sustainability assets within the broader industry conversation.

Public Engagement Module

Recommendations for relevant conferences to attend, assists in applications for strategic speakerships, and identifies free or low-cost sustainability sustainability initiatives, coalitions, or awards to join or apply to. Designed to enhance public perception of the company’s commitment to sustainability and build credibility within the industry. 

Public Policy Module

Thorough review of relevant policies and regulatory environments. Identifies market growth opportunities and guides the company in making informed, compliant decisions.

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